but no Stanard Ridgway

About half the drywall is roughed-in now. It's a bit hard to show photographically, both because I haven't figured out how to stick the camera back through the wall to get a longer field of view (don't own a wide-angle lens) and there's still lots of yet-to-be-put-up drywall blocking both views and places to stand and shoot photos. So here's a selection.

The first shot looks out over the stairway. I'm standing roughly in front of where our closet door will be.

The second shot shows the bathroom wall where our sinks will be.

This shot (which I had to take by sticking my camera into the bathroom past a pile of drywall) shows the little alcove that'll be behind the bathtub, created by the setback of the new dormer and the old roofline.

Finally, this is a sense of what the hallway space will look like. I'm standing in front of the window at the top of the stairs, looking toward the front of the house: the doorway you see will be the entry to the bedroom.

The crew has just begun to put up the drywall in the bedroom itself. Tomorrow I imagine they'll finish nailing the drywall in place, and then they'll fill and finish the surface over the next day or so following.

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