in the pink

The rigid insulation was installed today. Basically it goes only on the sloped ceilings: the horizontal ceiling surfaces are all actually interior, and so there's no concern with the "ghosting" phenomenon described in my last post. Because there's a whole lot of insulation above the new stair dormer, we felt it sufficient merely to install insulation directly to the existing rafters:

In the rest of the space, we mounted the rigid insulation between ledgers attached to the rafters, so the cold spots of the wood are reduced only to very small squares where the two planks of wood meet:

This shot gives some idea of the eventual shape of the space, approximately from where our bed will be (although higher off the ground). My friend Rog would probably slap up a flatscreen TV that folds out from the ceiling here...

Here's a shot of the front part of the house, where bookshelves will surround what was originally going to be a gas fireplace (it may eventually become that) and now will become a decorative niche:

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