our long national nightmare is over

Tuesday, the insulation crew returned (again), and this time, they used an alternate product (still soy-based, but open- rather than closed-cell: the difference has to do with its ability to trap air and thereby its insulating efficiency). They cored out the failed insulation where it had pulled away from rafters, studs, and from itself, and filled the space very thoroughly (which, with this product, means right up to the edge of the rafters or studs). Finally, we can move forward.

In much of the area we'll still be putting in some rigid insulation, separated from the rafters by spacers to prevent "ghosting" from the reduced insulating properties of the wood versus the insulation. This stuff should be going up within a day or so, and then the drywall (which has been sitting around for quite a while, as you can see in these photos) can be put up, the subflooring be put in, and the various finishing work be done (including putting in the final window, which has been kept open and protected by plastic, so it could be used to load up the drywall and, eventually, the plywood subflooring).

Plus, we get our own cool freaky H.R. Giger braincave space...

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