floored genius

We made our first major purchase today: some flooring. A little bit jumping the gun...but a local lumber liquidator had some very impressive sale prices on some very good merchandise, we went down to check it out, and we decided this was probably the best deal we were likely to get. So it'll be oak flooring, prefinished, in 3/8" thickness on backing - it comes in varying lengths (approximately 6' long) to give the impression of the variability of traditional wood flooring. The existing floor (which will be the subfloor for this) is some ratty old pine, which is unlikely to sand well, so we decided this option would give us a good quality look without having to rip out the pine and put in entirely new flooring. Had I been thinking, I would have brought the camera along and taken a shot of the sample...but all things in time: once it's installed, which won't be until near the end of the process of course, then I'll photograph it.


[clears throat]

Nothing here yet. If you found this because you're looking for info on Roxy Music (from whose song title I stole the name of this blog), sorry: I love the band too, but that's not what I'm writing about here. This entry is a placeholder until things get underway, in other words.