ein, zwei, drywall

The rest of the drywall has been roughed into place. Here's a shot from the landing on the stairway, looking up toward the door into the bathroom, and to the left there's the door to the closet, just beyond the door to the bedroom:

Here's a view from the back of the hallway looking toward the doorway to the bedroom:

From inside the bedroom, a view looking out the "eyebrow dormer" window at the front of the house:

A shot looking into the corner of this part of the "T" that forms the bedroom, where the east-facing window will be (most of the morning sun will be blocked or diffused by our neighbor's house):

And this is pretty much the reverse angle of the second shot, above, now looking from just in front of the eyebrow window out the doorway, into the hall, and out the back window:

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