plumbing in loco

Most of the mechanical rough-ins are nearly finished. Here's a shot, looking straight up from the eventual location of the toilet, showing various vents and stacks as they route their way above the eventual ceiling:

And here's a shot of the "guts" beneath the bathtub:

One minor detail: the old vent stack from the first-floor toilet originally vented out part of the roof which no longer exists. In some earlier photos of this area (I'm too lazy to find them), you might have noticed the decapitated stack. It's now been rerouted to a new vent stack. It would have been more trouble than it's worth to try to cut the old stack down to floor level, so instead it's now boxed in our closet. As it turns out, this will eventually make a pretty functional shoe-putting-on seat!

It's not quite as crazily tangled-looking as I'd hoped - but the plumbers haven't quite finished hooking up the various lines to their sources. This shot of the ceiling of our laundry room doesn't quite convey the chaos... (in the background you can see our new direct-vent water heater: it's the gray box):

Aspects of Rose's bathtub continue to shape up; one we hadn't planned on from the beginning was what to do when the bathroom ceiling fan and light fixture was nixed (due to code). In consultation with the electrician, we settled on a can light fixture above the back of the tub area, so that when Rose is taking a bath and reading (a favorite habit of hers), she'll have adequate light. You can see the box for that light at the top of the next image. The framing you see crossing the image will eventually be a wall, so the windows in the background, above the stairway, will not be visible from this part of the bathroom. However, from nearly any point in the remodeled area, at least one window from another room will be visible. It should be quite light and airy feeling, with a wonderful flow from room to room.

PS: I've been asked why I've never posted a picture of any of the folks doing the work. Well, mostly that's because I never go up there while they're working (I suspect I've been banned - by Rose, probably). However, I did manage to sneak a shot of two of the guys working on our plumbing and HVAC systems.

They were strangely more interested in having me fill out various forms than in doing work, though...

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