a brief lull

The holiday, the weekend, the rain, and the stage our remodeling is in mean that there's little tangible news to report - thus, this metareport:

One of the more interesting aspects of this project has been the insights I've gleaned on how houses work. Seeing the various systems and their interactions as they're assembled is fascinating - I've always been intrigued by that sort of systemic interaction (too bad I didn't try to make some sort of career out of that fascination...) and experiencing it in action, step by step, is quite instructive. Every particular step is relatively simple and straightforward - if not to execute, to understand (tools and knowhow are key) - but in total, the whole thing is quite complex. Still, it's relatively easy to break down the entire system of the house to a series of discrete steps - at least when you're working in this way, doing a remodeling to a structurally sound existing house. I imagine both building anew and trying to work with a more compromised structure present their own, more complex challenges.

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