nothing to do with Bill Gates

We have windows! Most of our windows have been installed (not the largest one - they're still using that space to loft large items into the space). Here are some photos.

Inside the bathroom, looking west:

Top of the hallway, overlooking our back yard (I didn't get a good shot of the other window overlooking the back yard, which is behind the bathtub):

The windows at the top of the stairs:

And the same windows from outside - in this distant shot, you can also see one of the windows overlooking the back yard (the same one, in fact, whose inside view is above):

And finally, the "eyebrow" window at the front of the house:

They've also cut down the top portion of the stairway wall, which eventually will be replaced with metal railings:

On the left of this image you see the drywall that will be installed shortly.

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