why a no chicken?

Duct work has begun. The main ducts up to the addition are routed from the furnace (of course, across the basement, and up through our front hall closet (there'll be a wall covering this up), and finally emerging in the crawlspace behind what will eventually be a set of bookshelves:

The rest of the chimney (down to the basement) was removed, and it turns out we won't have to tear down part of that chase in the kitchen to access it. Here's a shot of there being no chimney stack in our basement -

- and here's a shot up the chase (note the terminus of the new kitchen vent):

On the one hand, this loses us a few square feet of space we thought we were going to get; on the other, it saves us some money, plus lots of disruption, and in fact the location of the vent is more efficient than it was in our original plans anyway:

The fridge will still be moved over to the right of where you can see it, and the current heating vent - which is tucked in the corner of the kitchen, behind the fridge, so that it's trying to heat the whole kitchen boxed in on three sides, plus it's also the sole source of heat for the library, behind the wall, as well as going upstairs - will be shut off except to the library.

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