it continues...

Stuff's still out to bid - we met with our contractor (also a good friend) the other night for dinner with him and his wife at Alem Ethiopian Village (fabulously yummy!). The flooring we'd ordered arrived over the weekend, so we rented a UHaul (I don't think thirteen 7'x2' boxes would fit in either a Mini Cooper or a Mazda Protege...) and picked it up, as well as dropped off some junk at St. Vinnie's. We went down to BBC Lighting Liquidators to check out some light fixtures Rose had spotted - we're all but decided on wall sconces and ceiling lights for the bedroom and landing, along with being pretty sure about the components of the ceiling fan for the bedroom. The bathroom's still a bit of a mystery - tiling, lighting, and cabinetry are still a bit up in the air. Not in terms of design, but in terms of actual materials. We've got a reasonably good notion of color, but it's sort of like a jigsaw puzzle: when all the pieces are in play, it's very difficult, but once you get a few in place, everything else can follow more readily.

Erik (our contractor) said he's likely to hear from everyone within a week, and we've met with several folks to check things out, from the electrician to the plumber to the drywall guy.

We also had some discussion - probably decided to get rid of one of the ceiling lights as unnecessary, and figured out a few details on the bookshelves we'll be putting up (not built-ins, so it's our work, after all the contractors have done their bit).

Rose is worried about the budget; I'm thinking we've heard nothing to indicate that we're over it (and both the flooring we've purchased and the lighting we've tentatively chosen are below our budget), so I'm not worried. Yet. Once Erik gets back to us, we'll know whether we have to downshift a bit... Fortunately, we have budgetary contingencies: we'll just ditch the solid platinum three-times-scale nude statue of me I was planning for the bathroom and replace it with a simple, life-size, solid gold one instead.


jwo said...

So I don't quite understand how this is all working for you. You have a contractor (Erik), but you mention the project is out to bid - who is doing the bidding if Erik is the contractor? And if its the subcontractors that are still bidding, how did you manage to already meet with the electrician, plumber, etc.? Your process seems quite different from the ones I'm picturing, and I'm confused!

Rose said...

Erik is the general contractor. The project is out to bid to his subcontractors. That's how we can meet with them, get feedback, and get their prices for comparison.